"It has been a delight to work with Sid and his team from day 1. From a builder perspective it is important to have good representation and presence within the real estate market as this provides additional exposure for our product and helps us to achieve incremental sales. Sid and his team have been very helpful and proficient in handling our listings thus far and Sid's background in the homebuilding industry helps us to gain a clearer understanding from both sides of the equation during transactions.

His honesty and integrity are just some of the characteristics that have helped him gain success and a good reputation within the real estate community, which is why we chose to work with him. These are also qualities that align with Our company's core values, making it a great fit for a business relationship.

If you would like to have great real estate representation to help grow your business then do not hesitate to call Sid to see how he and his team maybe able to assist you, you will not regret it!"

Guy Bellis 

Sales and Marketing Manager at Daytona Homes Inc 

Montorio Homes Ltd.

Sid is a focused, efficient, and effector realtor it’s obvious he cares for and about his clients. He brings a level of professionalism to the industry that I find refreshing. From my perspective Sid makes my job easy as I don’t have to micro manage him as he keeps me abreast of all my listings constantly. Additionally he keeps me aware of the market and where I am positioned, I trust his insight and respect his integrity.

Sid has added to and enhanced my Sales and Marketing presence in a changing/challenging marketplace, I am confident we (Sid and I) will continue to work together and I look forward to his innovate approach to an ever changing marketplace.   

Kevin M. McCann

Sales and Marketing Manager

Montorio Homes

To Landmark Group of Companies

Hi Reza, I’d also like to take this opportunity to virtually introduce, or perhaps re-introduce you to my friend Sid Yar, ReMax Excellence.  You may recall him from the past, as he did some sales work for Classic Landmark when Sue Carlson was there.

Our family has known Sid for many years, and recently engaged his professional services to help us sell my Father’s home.  Dad passed away about a year ago, and was like a father to Sid.

I was so impressed with Sid’s professional abilities during the sales process, I suggested he explore opportunities with Landmark, hence this virtual introduction. I feel extremely confident in recommending Sid to you, he is a very competent realtor who has a construction background, and is knowledgeable in new home sales. More importantly, Sid’s client commitment, high integrity approach and engaging personality is a special combination of experience and talent that showcases his success in the real estate market.

Reza, I’ll ask Sid to reach out to you directly to properly introduce himself, and explore any possibilities with Landmark Group.

All the Best Gents!


Orest Warchola, CTP
Senior Director, US Trade and Investment
International Relations Division


Sid Yar
Sid Yar
201, 5607-199 Street Edmonton AB T6M 0M8